Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tree Top Walk of Hutan Lipur Sungai Sedim, Perak.

I enjoyed my visit to The Tree Top Walk of Hutan Lipur Sungai Sedim, Perak very much. Though getting there wasn’t easy, I would say that they trip was all worth it. The canopy walk was much more than what I have expected.

Entrance fee is RM10 for an adult and RM6 for children for a 925meters worth of nerve wrecking height among the trees. The structure used for the Tree Top Walk (TTW) in Sg Sedim is built onto the ground. Unlike the canopy walk in Taman Negara that is built between natural trees, this TTW gives me more confidence in terms of stability and built.

The Tree Top Walk in Sedim is built on artificial bases

The designs and built gives me the confidence

Yup…yup…I am afraid of heights. I admit it. The TTW in Sg Sedim is built using really huge metals, with railings and bolts at sizes I have never seen before. I honestly doubt if this is a local ‘Malaysian’ design.

One gotta have the stomach to take in the heights and occasional 'swaying'

A word of advice…go to the toilet and do what you need to do before you get onto the walkway. It’s almost a one kilometer walk and the height may actually make you freeze, so having to answer nature’s call while on the walkway isn’t a situation you want to be in!

There are signs such as these that helps to identify plants

Its a loooong way down

Height is one thing and although the structures are built on a solid foundation, I still felt the walkway sway at certain span of the bridge. This happens whenever there is a strong wind and also when there are other walking heavily along. Its kind of scary at the beginning but you’ll get used to it after a while. Along the walkway, there are many labels and signs indicating how high you are from the ground. It seriously is very high, some places more than 10 meters.

I am glad I made the road trip to The Tree Top Walk at Sungai Sedim that weekend. I had a great time with my wife, my mom and aunt. Though there are many other things to do there but I think only the Tree Top Walk of Sungai Sedim is worth the while.