Thursday, January 1, 2009

Things to do at Sungai Sedim, Kulim

There’s plenty of things to do at Sungai Sedim. The place itself is actually called Hutan Lipur Sungai Sedim, sort of like a recreational park. Like many other hutan lipur around the country, the Sungai Sedim area has been ‘developed’ with basic amenities for visitors. These include parking area (RM2 per entry) public toilets (RM0.30 per entry), camp grounds, hostels etc. All of course comes at a minimal charge.

Sungai Sedim is also a river rafting place

Sg Sedim itself is a popular place for white water paddling. Rafts or kayaks, paddlers can expect to enjoy up to 15km of rapids. Worth noting though that water level can be rather disappointing, especially during dry seasons.

Even underneath the bridge became a picnic spot

When I visited the place in November 2008, the place was packed with weekenders. There were people camping but mostly having family picnics. People came with their families with carloads of supplies of home cooked food, picnic mats, rubber tubes and even sound boxes. The place was alive with mostly locals enjoying their holidays by the river.

There’s also an accommodation facility here. Dormitory style. I stayed here for a night the last time I visited the place. But back then, nothing much was available. We even had to head out to get feed. Now, the place is more organized, with catering and even some team building facilities

Hostel looks well maintained

Scaffolding and metals sheets for an abseil wall...I'll pass

This place is packed with locals. I felt a bit uneasy to be honest walking around this place. There were eyes following us cause we were obviously not locals. Sigh…

Anyway, I wasn’t there for a picnic but for the Tree Top Walk. And that my friends, is a really interesting experience! (next entry)

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