Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Malaysian version of birch bark box; Part 1

I was inspired by the many posts on BCUK on the little boxes / containers made from birch barks so I decided to try to make a Malaysian version of it.

Of course in the Malaysian jungle, its much easier to just get bamboo for this purpose. But I thought the romance involved (the cutting, shaping, sewing etc) is much more enticing. So, this is my first attempt at it.

I live in KL, so the closest material to the birch bark I can find is this material from palm plant planted along the roads. Not sure what it is called but it could from the Royal Palm gang :P

I took one home, dried it and cut into pieces.

The material curls up once dried

Sox just can’t help but to sniff around when I am doing stuff

The cut up material plus some old, dried up tree barks for cordage

I started by rolling and then tying up the main material to the size that I wanted. Using a steel needle, made some holes for the stitching.

I need some cordage to sew the pieces together. So, I decided to use some of the bark from a tree I collected from the jungle recently. Turns out that they have harden, so into a bucket of water they go.

Some soaked tree bark to be used as cordage

To be continued…