Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My first attempt at a figure ‘4’ deadfall trap

This is my first attempt making a figure 4 deadfall trap. The idea has been lingering in my head for quite some time after watching one of Les Stroud’s Survivorman series on Youtube.

Having watched it once done by Les Stroud, I can’t say that I really know what mechanism that really ‘makes’ the trap. All I know for sure is that it looks like a figure 4. I found a few more clips on youtube on the same trap, so…based on my memory, I attempted to make my first set at Sox’s Island.

Unfortunately, me and Meun brought Sox along (after all, it is her island). So, while I try to concentrate on making the trap, my mind was even more pre-occupied with Sox’s endless running exploring the place.

20 minutes into making the trap in the jungle, I had to give up. Me and Meun are just too worried that Sox may wander off, never to be found. Sox we love and not willing to loose.

So, many hours later, while watching TV, I picked up my Carbon Steel Mora and begin carving a set of figure ‘4’ deadfall trap from some leftover processed wood I got a few months back from the hardware shop for a home DIY project.

The pieces of wood and my Mora knife

The wood that I am using isn’t all that easy to work with. They are rather hard. But I was determined and my sharp carbon steel Mora really helped to make work faster and safer. There are 3 main pieces. Two that’s generally of the same length and the other is the longest that makes the horizontal piece of the ‘figure 4’ and is also the trigger for the whole trap. Below are pictures of the trap’s assembly.

Note the batteries at the end of the horizontal piece. Bait goes there

Note that there is a notch made, somewhat in the middle of the horizontal piece. I initially missed this part and scratched my head how to get the whole trap to work. See below for a clearer picture of the ‘notch’. The notch is not too deep though. It helps to make the ‘trap’ extra sensitive.

Don’t forget this notch!

Well, a little bit of fine tuning here and there and I finally manage to test out my deadfall trap. Below is a picture of the set-up.

So…what’s next? I would really like to try this trap out in the jungle. Curios to what kind of jungle animal I may catch. In the videos on Youtube, most uses a big heavy rock with a flat underside (to flatten the catch). Not so easy to find such rocks in the jungle (probably a good chance in Tioman’s jungle), so perhaps improvisation is the modus operandi. I am thinking of building a simple cage of bamboo or wood which is heavy enough to keep the catch inside.

Yup…can’t wait to go back into the jungle to try out my figure ‘4’ deadfall trap. But of course, the next time around, I will be using natural wood from the jungle and not wood from the hardware shop. Can’t wait….