Thursday, January 22, 2009

A beautiful morning by the lake…Part2

As the morning approaches, I lie in my tent wondering how this natural freshwater lake of Malaysia would be like. I did not get much sleep even though I was dead tired from being on the road for hours the previous day . I remembered waking up several times through the night as I re-adjust my body to the uneven ground below me. It was getting colder and colder and my biggest regret was not bringing a sleeping bag. At around 5am, I took a peek outside, only a few feet of visibility and the entire area was enveloped in a shroud of morning fog. I wanted to head out and start exploring but my aching body was unwilling.

An hour or so later, I forced myself up and went about as the sunlight broke through the horizon. The silence all around was (in a way) very deafening. I could hear the crisp of dried leaves crushing on my feet as I made my way to the jetty. The wooden jetty creaked at almost every step I took as it tries to hold my weight (I am NOT light). I did not want to make too much noise in the morning. Hoping to see some wildlife, maybe some unsuspecting birds or even a wild boar would make my day. Reaching the end of the jetty, I sat down quickly and took in the splendor and serenity of the lake.

This picture do no justice to the actual beauty of Lake Bera

Not long after, John emerged from the comfort of his tent and soon joined me at the jetty. We both sat down, munching on some banana chips, taking in the beautiful silence of the lake as the fog retreats…revealing a sight like none I have ever seen before.

Our tents by the lake

The lake, supposing to cover an area of over 6000 hectares seems small from the jetty. The lake is alive with water foliage giving it a rustic yet lively look. Clumps of green bush forms tiny islands scattered all over the island.

Breakfast by the lake could not have been better. Egg omelet and baked beans with bread. A good friend, simple breakfast and a lake to die for, what else can one asks for?