Monday, December 1, 2008

Tasik Kenyir boat house; Malaysia lake rainforest accommodation

A Tasik (Malay language for lake) Kenyir boat house is arguably one of the best ways to explore this huge man-made lake. With an area of over 260km2, one would require a mode of transportation that is self sufficient, comfortable and practical to see the most of the lake. What better way to do it on a Tasik Kenyir boat house.

Some boathouse looks rundown but can be very comfortable inside

I have visited Tasik Kenyir several times. Each time I go there (usually for relaxing and fishing), I will engage one of them boat house. They are not super fancy but enough to make my stay relaxing and enjoyable. Imagine a boat house as a moving caravan home on water. They have all the basics you need. This include toilet, sleeping area, cooking area and some even comes with TV lounge.

The boat houses in Kenyir are mostly modified fishing boats. The boats are extended on each side with cylindrical metal pontoons. This not only increase the flooring space but it also increases the stability of the boat tremendously. The best part is that because the lake is fresh water, the metal pontoons do not rust easily. There are no barnacles growing on it, the most you will see is green moss.

There’s ample space around a boathouse for you to relax and absorb the scenery around

With the pontoons in place, there are now more ‘base’ for to build more space on the boat. Platforms are extended to the sides, back and front portion. What follows is then the upper floor, where the ‘accommodation’ blocks are located.

There are no fixed designs for the boats. I have seen many versions of Tasik Kenyir boat house and they varies, perhaps by the creativity of the builder and also the amount of ‘bells & whistles’ the owner/ financier wants to put in. Some Kenyir boat house comes with all the modern facilities like satellite TV, water heaters and even a karaoke set. It all depends on what one’s liking and budget.

The boat houses are normally accompanied by at least two caretakers. They spend most of their time at the captain’s helm and ensuring that everything is in order. Engines are typically very noisy and being diesel engines, they have this very strong smell.

The boat houses don’t travel very fast thanks to its design drag, weight and possibly the engine capacity as well. This I think is a good thing. Fast moving vessels like speedboats create way too much waves/ ripples that they break and corrode the loose soils at the shore line. Over the years, islands gets smaller and shoreline becomes a steep drop, making it very difficult for anyone (or any animal) to land on.

What I like most about the Tasik Kenyir boat house is its ability to travel to almost any part of the lake. It provides the basics necessities while is still and adapts well to the natural surrounding of the lake. The boat house is so flexible that you can probably move it from point A to point B anytime and with ease. It allows me (and my mates) to choose where and how we wanna spend our time on this beautiful and enchanting lake… away from the nosy neighbors and work. Blissful…