Monday, December 29, 2008

Sox’s Island; A fun day out for a furry friend in Malaysian jungle

Our effort to turn Christmas day 2008 into Sox’s day out turned out extremely well. At Hulu Yam, not only did we manage to find a spot with no one around (that’s also probably because we arrive VERY early) but we also found a river with a small island on it!

Sox have been very apprehensive about getting into the water so far. She did not even attempt to go near the lake’s water edge on the way here. The island we thought would be perfect to let her off the leash without having her storming off into the jungle.

I carried Sox over onto the island but decided to leave the leash on. Just in case if she pulls that ‘sprint’ dash again, it would (hopefully) be easier for me to pull ‘catch’ her. I let go off the leash and she was on her way exploring the island. Me and Meun were both very happy seeing Sox exploring the island on her own. Sox seems to be enjoying every bit of it and we are like proud parents watching their daughter running around on her own for the very first time.
It wasn’t long before Sox got really comfy with the island. She was running around…round and round, chasing every single thing that caught her attention. It’s like a small kid in a toy shop…amazed with the world around.

Sox chasing and barking at a floating leaf

Sox and I playing chase on the river

We spent like an hour half on that island. Meun and I enjoyed the dip, Sox enjoyed her run around and ‘freedom’ in the bush. Soon, it was time to go back. The long leash came back to affect but Sox didn’t seem to mind. Perhaps she had her fill of freedom for one day. So much so that she fell asleep as soon as we started the journey back home.

Our angel sleeping in the car after a fun day out in the jungle

Meun was right. We had lots of fun with Sox on her first day out in the bush. The trip has also somehow changed Sox’s perception on car rides. The following day as I was finished washing the car, Sox jumped straight right in without having to even coax her with treats. Yeah…Sox had a real fine day out and we’ll definitely plan another trip again.