Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sox’s day out in tropical jungle of Malaysia; the journey

A young Sox

Here’s our little darling...Sox. Sox is a mongrel that somehow decided to make our house her home. I was away in Tioman island when she came to the house. Meun called in a frantically panic yet cute way “Dear...there’s a dog in the house. It won’t go’s so cute”.
We have always wanted a dog and Sox chose us rather than the other way around. Its been close to half a year that Sox has been part of us. She is funny, energetic and full or expression. Though we try to spend as much time as we can with her, walking her around the housing area etc, deep down we know that Sox is a really an adventurer to bone. She’ll sometimes dash out the gate without her leash for a quick run, with me screaming at the top of my lungs for her to stop. She will look back but continue running. Right until she has had enough, she’d probably stop, give me that sorry face that will melt the coldest heart.

Anyway, Meun has been insisting that we have Sox as part of us on one of the jungle trips. Rather than Sox tagging along, it turns out to be us tagging along eventually! We want to make it Sox’s day out as well as an opportunity for her to learn to like car rides. So far, her car rides have not been pleasant as it has only been to the vet only. We want to change that. We don’t want her to associate car rides with sanitized, masked man with syringes and cold stainless steel tables only. Every time we were to start the car and call out her name, she would run away with tail between her legs.

So, we want to bring Sox out to the bush. Where she can roam free (on a VERY long leash), preferably a place with a river to see if she is okay with water. It is not easy to plan a trip in Malaysia for a dog. With a majority of Muslim friends, one has to be sensitive to their religious constraints. So, it took us a while to figure out a place that would be suitable.

Our curious and very ‘keh-po’ Sox

We packed the night before. Our minimum kits, Sox’s provisions, some food and a REALLY long piece of leash. The next morning at 6am on Christmas day and we were already in the car heading towards Hulu Yam area. Yup, it had to be THAT early in the morning to avoid the traffic as well as the public.

It was still pitch dark when we started our day

Along the way, we stopped at a big freshwater lake to give Sox a breather from the car ride. She was ecstatic!

Sox...checking out the surrounding

The quick stop at the lake must have made Sox realize that this car ride is different. We learnt a very important lesson during this ‘short’ stopover. We somehow ‘stupidly’ decided that maybe we can let her off her leash and let her roam free. The instance the leash was off...Sox went on her usual merry-go-round sprint. She even jumped over a big drain onto the road. That really freaked me and Meun out. Thank God there were no vehicles on the road. We finally manage to get her and the leash went on. Phew…

A freaky experience for us but obviously an exhilarating one for Sox. As we continued our journey, she took the front seat, literally.

Sox taking over the driver’s seat!

Well, the rest of the journey to Hulu Yam saw Sox perked up like a Cheetah looking out for its prey. Sox seems to be saying “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?....There yet?” Yeah...we got there eventually...

To be continued...