Monday, December 8, 2008

A Malaysia lake holiday… Kenyir boat house Part 2; Cooking & hygiene

There is really not a better Malaysia lake holiday than a Kenyir boat house. Ask any Malaysian what’s important when holidaying and I am quite sure food is one of them. On a boat house, you have control over the food you’ll be eating because you can cook them yourself!

You can prepare and cook your meals in the ‘mini’ kitchen on a boathouse. A typical boat house comes with basic cooking area. Do not expect refrigerators, blenders or ovens though. Expect basic stoves, food preparation table, basic utensils etc. Some of the operators provide food catering as part of their services. Consider this if your group is hopeless in cooking! Alternatively, you can stock up your own food supply in an ice box and prepare your own food. However, note that most boat crews are local Malay Muslims. When you choose to prepare your own food, you will be required to share your meals with the crew (as a courtesy as well), so make sure your food is acceptable to their religion and belief. If you plan to bring your own beverages (beer, liquor etc), do inform the operators in advance so as not to offend them. However, getting drunk is not only impolite but is also very dangerous when you are floating on big open waters.

Most Kenyir boathouse kitchens are very basic

Depending on your cooking ability (and loads of creativity), food on a boathouse can be really good. The fresh fish comes from the lake and with some basic ingredients, you and your group can really enjoy some good tasting food.

A great Malaysia lake holiday…good friends & great food!

Everyone digging in

Toilets are available of course. Then again, toilets are most basic with most waste going back into the lake. A complete recycle circle they say. Most are squatting type but I am sure some of the more ‘flashy’ boathouse would come equipped with seat toilets, water heaters etc.

Water supply for the entire boathouse comes from the lake itself. There will be a water pump that fills up the water tank on top of the boathouse, supplying to all water needs. It is therefore best that one boils the water before drinking.

Yet again, most are very basic, squatting types generally. I have to admit that all the boats that I have been on have the wastes going straight back into the lake.

Night time can be very peaceful and extremely dark. Boat houses come equipped with electric generators. However, most operators do not operate their generators throughout the night. Generators are not only noisy but they pollute the air around. Lights out are usually around 11pm. It is wise to bring your own head torches or at least hand torches, just in case you need to get up in the middle of the night to answer nature calls.

To me, Tasik Kenyir is the ultimate Malaysia lake holiday there is. With good company, fishing, good food and hours on a boathouse enjoying the beautiful lake, what more can one ask for?