Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Langkawi resort with jungle animals

I have stayed in many resorts but this is probably the only Langkawi resort with jungle animals that I have ever stayed in! This resort is really something.

It wasn’t the rooms, the service and not even the food that impressed me. Rather it is the amount of wildlife I saw during my stay in the resort. The animals weren’t in cages. They were roaming around free going about with their usual activities without much care about the people around them.

For a 5 star resort, I would imagine that this place would be sanitized of any animals, let alone wild animals. The first day there, I was out walking and I saw this monitor lizard crossing the road. It didn’t dash off upon seeing me. Instead, it actually allowed me to get just within a few feet to photograph her. The lizard really reminds me of Tioman island where it is also teaming with monitor lizards. For a resort that transports its guests around on minibuses, I am surprised that there is not a single road kill around, especially a monitor lizard.

Nothing special I suppose. Out of no where I heard some noises coming from the roof of one of them chalets. I looked up and I was surprised to see a group of Duskie Leaf Monkeys (Trachypithecus obscurus). Also known as the Spectacle leaf Monkey (obviously!), they are more commonly known by the locals as Lotong. They are cute! And best of all, they just got on with whatever they were doing even with me sending bolts of lights at them to take pics.

There are many Duskie Leaf Monkeys on this resort

I later found out that the resort have rather strict rules when it comes to dealing with the jungle animals that makes their property part of their home. There can be no trapping or killing strictly. No wonder the jungle animals of Langkawi flourishes here.

Oh…that’s not all, besides the common and destructive Macaque, I also manage to spot many squirrels and lizards. This resort is like a wildlife sanctuary!
Having seen the Macaques, Langgors, squirrels, lizards and a monitor lizard, I never imagined that this resort would have anything else to offer. Until I saw this perculiar thing clinging to a tree. It was motionless but it just doesn’t seem to be part of the tree.

A closer look and it turns out to be a Flying Lemur (Cynocephalus Variegatus). I was astounded. I have trekked some jungles and here I am face to face with a Flying Lemur in a 5 star resort in Langkawi! And mind you, the resort was operating on almost full capacity most of the time. I stood there staring at it in amazement.

My friend had to pull me away for lunch. During lunch, I spoke to one of the waiters and he said that the resort has not one but a few resident Flying Lemur. What??!! Not one but a few. I thought this guy was just pulling my leg until the final there, just before check out hour, I saw these on two separate coconut trees.

On a coconut tree just by the pool in broad daylight!

Two Flying Lemur on one coconut tree! A couple perhaps?

In total, I saw 4 different Flying Lemur individuals. 4 individuals on a 5 star resort’s property! What resort is this? Naaa…I am not telling. Suffice to say that it is an expensive 5 star Langkawi hotel and I am not doing free advertisement for them.