Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday on Lake Kenyir boat house Part 1; A Malaysia lake adventure

A lake holiday in Tasik Kenyir can really be a wonderful experience. What better way to do it than on a boat house! With all the basic comforts of a home, one can really get use to living on a boat house in a lake surrounded by lush tropical rainforest. I would call it the rainforest accommodation on water.

We packed like tonnes of gear, not too mention people

I manage to dig out some pictures of one of my trips to Kenyir somewhat in 2007. It was a trip organized among a bunch of us from the same company. Almost 10 of us, 4 kayaks, a whole load of food and supplies and a beat-up van to bring us there. Oh… not forgetting the fishing rods as well.

I remembered the van struggling up Karak highway. I have never experienced being in a vehicle at full capacity yet doing like 10km/h. I swore one could actually overtake the van on foot. But after an enduring 9 hours (half asleep) drive on the road, we finally made it to the lake…with the van still in one piece…hooray!

Spirits were high. We were all very excited to get away from the office and be able to do anything but work. All 10 of us, plus the kayaks, gears and other stuff goes on the boat house we chartered with ease. There’s a lot of space to spare actually.

This is the boathouse me and my mates actually hired once. Big and comfortable.

There’s also the engine room, the captain’s bridge and the staff cabins. The captain’s bridge of course is not as high-tech as one would expect. They are rather basics, with the huge wheel, a radio and at times a GPS. Yup, the locals know the lake like the back of their hand and they use landmarks to tell the way. Note that most boat houses do not anchor up and sail at night. It is almost impossible to navigate in the pitch dark. Negotiating floating logs, sandbars and even crossing animals in the blanket of darkness is risky business.

With rates ranging from RM800 to RM1500 per nite depending on the ‘frills’ and little comforts that one can afford. This trip, we took a basic Kenyir boathouse. It has an upper deck which is the sleeping area and it fits all of us just fine..

One open sleeping area!

For hygiene purposes, I would suggest that you bring your own sleeping bag, bed sheet etc. The ‘upper’ deck can be rather hot during the daytime (unless the boat is under a big shade) but temperature can drop rather drastically during the night time. In any case, during the day time you ought to be swimming, fishing, paddling and enjoying yourself. Not sleeping!

Bring your own kayak for a paddle!

To be continued...