Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An easy walk in the jungle to a waterfall

An easy walk in the jungle to a waterfall is a dream come true for me. Unlike the 3 to 4 hours treacherous trek into Perlus waterfall and the hardcore (for me it is) 4WD ride into Tibang falls (I will post this a bit later on), my recent walk in the jungle was pleasantly easy.

I doubt if I would have found this waterfall in Perting, near Bentong without nature guide HappyYen’s help. He has been there several times, so I felt quite confident that we weren’t on a wild goose chase.

We drove my small red tank. The access paved road to Perting waterfall is generally okay. Sedans can make it to the end easy. With the car parked, we trotted into someone’s property and came to the river crossing. Yup, 2 minutes into the walking trail and we were already wadding through knee deep waters. Was I glad I had my Adidas kampung on! It would have been frustrating if I wore my pair of Merrel trail shoes!

After the river crossing, its easy peasy all the way. Gradual climb with well established trail. Oh…a word of caution, plenty of leeches. And leeches are always a good sign of wildlife and just after the river, we stumbled upon these prints. The prints are not fresh but they are still very visible.

Looks like this place is wild boar 'friendly'

Some HUGE print this is! Who could it belong to?

Along the way, HappyYen introduced me to some wild jungle plants. I saw some Senduduk Bulu and Mahang Telinga Gajah. Some sights along the trails: ‘

Fungus on some fallen tree

A very odd 'twist' to this plant

Well, not as interesting as Perlus but then again not as tough either. Under an hour and we are already at the waterfall. But the last 10meters to the waterfall was steep. Really really steep. It would be really difficult to descend if it was raining heavily.

A very steep decent down to the river

The descend felt longer than the entire trail. One slip and you’d probably be gliding all the way down. Not to worry though, there’s plenty of rocks and trees along the way to ‘stop’ you! Cross the river to the other side and walaaah….Perting Waterfall

For a waterfall that’s so easy to access, there’s bound to be a catch. The place was rather littered and there’s a big group camping there. Some guys were perched on the rocks with fishing rods, only to realize later than another group has set-up a net in the river. Well, there go the fishes.

I enjoyed this easy walk in the jungle to Perting waterfall. Its near to KL and is relatively unknown. There seems to be a lot of wildlife and spaces to explore here, so I’ll definitely be back.