Saturday, November 15, 2008

Perlus Waterfall…Final part

This is the Perlus waterfall. It is a magnificence tropical rainforest rainforest waterfall. For a location that is barely an hour’s drive away from the heart of KL city, I would say that I am impressed…really impressed.

All things come at a price of course. This waterfall takes about 4 hours to walk. For someone who is fit, they can perhaps do it under 3 hours. I would consider this as a moderate trek. Not forgetting the trail was mostly up all the way on bush trail.

The trail’s elevation according to my GPS

The route mapped against GoogleEarth

The above to pictures are put together through the Garmin GPS I have recently invested in. I think they are super cool stuff. Sorry, but at this point, I am still learning how to put the GPS and Google Earth together. For the time being, the above is the best I can manage.

My effort of putting on the leech socks was only partially successful. I still had leech bites but they were all above my waist. Yup...I had one near the waistline, one on the chest and another on my shoulders. I was practically drenched in blood thanks to the blood anticoagulant. As for the leeches, I guess all of us in the group that day had our share of leech bites. They weren’t painful but they do leave a horrible itch that lasts for days.

Everyone enjoyed the waterfall. There were obvious signs of campers on the small flat ground near the waterfall. There’s a fire pit, strung strings and of course rubbish. After some feed, a bit of washing up and dip in the waterfall, we were all refreshed and ready to head back.

I like Perlus waterfall. I don’t really enjoy the waterfall itself but the hike and the amount of things to see is simply awesome. The next time around, I would really like to camp inside there and just to simply enjoy the jungle. In a month of two perhaps?

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