Friday, November 21, 2008

Kota Tinggi Waterfall Resort

The Kota Tinggi Waterfall Resort is located in the southern peninsula state of Johor. A mere 16km (north-west) from Kota Tinggi and about 60km from Johor Bahru, it is no wonder that this resort is popular among locals and Singaporeans alike.

While the Kota Tinggi waterfall itself is the main attraction at this resort, one can help but notice the presence of ‘Sunway Lagoon theme park’ here. The waterfall and part of its downstream river has been turned into a water park facility complete with artificial water slides.

This reminds me of Sunway Lagoon theme park!

It is no wonder that this resort is getting around 300 visitors per day on a typical weekend. Holiday makers throng this place. Besides the water activities, there are also other facilities built to cater to visitor’s needs. I saw a squash court, a swimming pool, a big hall, a big canteen, rows of stalls and picnic tables.

As for accommodation, I was informed that the Kota Tinggi resort offers accommodation from the basic camping ground to the cozier hotel type rooms

The camping ground

Different types of accommodation facilities to suit different needs

Ample parking space, nice accommodation blocks, a naturally beautiful waterfall complete with water slides, this Kota Tinggi Waterfall resort looks very well maintained operated. The rivers are clean from rubbish and fishes can be seen in deeper pools, I would say that this place is well run and managed despite its location in the midst of the Malaysian jungle.

Do I think it is worth visiting? I would say yes but not on weekends with 300 people around!
Do I want to stay there overnite? Nope…I will take the bush anytime.