Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kota Tinggi waterfall in Johor

Kota Tinggi waterfall is another waterfalls of Malaysia worth visiting. For a place that is so commercialized, the place really isn’t doing all that bad.

Finding the waterfall isn’t difficult. Just head into Kota Tinggi and there are plenty of ‘air terjun’ signboards to guide you all the way. Off the main road towards the falls, the roads becomes narrower and a little bit winding. At one point, I was wondering if we took a wrong turn.

Unlike the Perlus waterfall where one would have to hike for hours to reach the falls, getting to the Kota Tinggi waterfall can be done in the comfort of your motorized vehicle. Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by an arch toll booth. Yup…you need to pay an entrance fee to enjoy this waterfall. I can’t really remember how much (my group got in free this time!) but I don’t think if it’s anything more than RM10 per adult person.

The lower Kota Tinggi waterfalls

There are 2 main falls and several small cascades. The first fall is located just towards the end of the main road. To reach the upper falls, one would have to walk about 10 minutes via a specially built walkway. Visitors ought to be careful walking up the walkway as it is rather slippery.

Most walkway are paved, built with handrails but they can still be very slippery

The upper Kota Tinggi waterfalls is much impressive but if off limits for swimming

The upper Kota Tinggi waterfalls is definitely much more impressive than the first one. The walkway will end closest to the falls for visitors to enjoy the cool breeze and beauty of it all. The pool at the bottom of the waterfall however is off limits. Due to safety and conservation reasons perhaps.

A huge net stretched across the river with signs to warn people

The Kota Tinggi waterfall is really nice despite the fact that it is highly commercialized. Perhaps the entry fee and private company running the place is helping the place to stay clean and attractive.