Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why blog?

The leeches, mosquitoes, creepy crawlies, snakes and occasional humongous ticks...what is there to not like about the Malaysian tropical rainforest? Well, compared to having pretend that you enjoy work in the office, I'd rather be eaten alive by the leeches actually.

I have always seen the jungle and the great outdoors as a place for me to escape the daily routine everyday life. Its a place where I can be far from people (especially the office crowd) and be with myself and mates that matters. Savor the immensity of the rainforest, breath in the fresh air and relax in the peaceful natural surrounding.

I am by no means a six pack adventure hunk that races through the jungle, abseil waterfalls and runs back after all that. I am far from that. In fact, I am the opposite of all that! I prefer to take my own time to walk (partially cause I am not fit :P ), smell the roses as I walk and hopefully be able to find a nice place to set-up camp and relax. It is the peacefulness of the jungle that keeps calling me back. And I do try to do exactly that whenever I have the chance.

So...this blog is dedicated to all my jungle adventures. Rather than have pictures all burnt in a CD kept in a folder, I thought perhaps it would be a much cooler idea to share it with the world. So...welcome to my world!

Myself and Alex at Chilling Waterfall