Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rainforest waterfall Perlus, second visit on 26 Oct 2008 nature guide friend just invited me to join him and a group to a this coming Sunday, 26th October 08. Doesn't seem like a bad idea. It will be the Deepavali weekend so, I still have the day after to recuperate. The waterfall is called Perlus or Jeram (waterfall in Malays) Perlus. Its located in the Hulu Langat area, known also as Pangsoon, just a bit more than an hour's drive from K.L.

I have been to the waterfall Perlus before. Perhaps a month or two ago. With a couple of friends (including John). It's some hike. Not the easiest I would say. But the waterfall was all worth it. Have a look at the pic.

The picture ain't all that good. I know. But it really is a beautiful waterfall. As long as there's not too many people, otherwise it would be really crowded. This trek isn't all that easy for a couple of reasons. First, it's up and up all the way, with very slippery trail. And if its raining season (like now), I reckon the place will be teaming with leeches by now. Have a look at the 'invasion' the first time I was there.

Yup...those socks did not manage to keep them out.
After all this, I think I will be better prepared the next time around. I will put a list of 'precautions' next.