Monday, October 20, 2008

Leech Socks; Gear for tropical rainforest

I have recently added the leech socks into my tropical rainforest gear kit. After years of sharing my blood with the jungle leeches, I suddenly come to realize that all the blood that I lost plus the itch scratching that I have endured is simply plain unnecessary. Or perhaps I have grown beyond the years of being ‘gung-ho’ and have become more of a ‘softie’ person…favoring to avoid the scaring bits and possibilities of infections.

The leech socks are actually not all that technical or special actually. The one that I have is made of plain beige colored cotton with a drawstring at the top. I have used it on several occasions and have found them to be quite effective. The only down side of it is that it tends to slip down as the drawstring sometimes comes undone. This can be easily rectified I suppose, using a bungee cord or stretch band instead of a string. Below is my leech socks.

Leech socks

There are better looking leech socks for sale definitely. Some are made of polyester material with already sewn in elastic calf bands. These will of course cost more but if you are heading into the bush often, they are perhaps the better choice. Mine costs me only RM15 when I bought it last year in Endau Rompin.

Yes, they are so simple that I reckon anyone can make a set themselves as long as they have a sewing machine. All you need is to actually find a suitable material that is comfortable to wear with your shoes and the weaving of the material is tight enough to keep the leeches out. Add a drawstring or better still an elastic band and you are all set.