Monday, October 20, 2008

Gear for rainforest waterfall; Jeram Perlus.

I reckon I have to come up with a list of gear for waterfall Jeram Perlus trip this coming Sunday, 26th October 2008. The last time I was at Jeram Perlus, I befriended a couple of leeches, loads of thorns and a huge jungle tick.

Compare the size of the tick to my lense cap!

It has been raining these past few weeks. If the jungle is wet, my blood sucking friends will be crawling all over the place and walking isn’t gonna be easy either as the trail is mostly slippery mud and soil. These ‘challenges’ will be there to greet me for sure.

So, perhaps I should be gearing up to be more prepared for what’s to come. The leech socks with my long pants all tucked in will hopefully keep the leeches out. A small pack of tobacco in hand will unwillingly force the leech off me (if they somehow manage to get on).

My shoes of choice this time would still be my jungle boots. Have not much chance to put it into good use. A few more wears and I should have it broken in. Something I need to do in preparation for long hikes in the future.

New toys I am putting into this Jeram Perlus trip is my new Garmin GPS Map 76CSx and my (not new) Yaesu VX170 VHF radio. Since this will be a trip with John, we may put the radio into good use for communicating between the walking party.

Other gears would be my standard lot. My minimum kit and my Macpac Tekapo 45+ standard pack.